The Mozart hotel is just 12 km away from Odessa international airport and only 2 km far from the railway station. The easiest way to get a convenient lift is to order the transfer together with your room booking. We shall organize it the safest way. 

You can also get to the hotel by taxi, at a price of approx. 110 UAH for the airport transfer and approx. 60 UAH for the trip from the railway station. We recommend calling official taxi services and disregard offers of private drivers. 

Should you travel by car you can always use our parking slots that are free of charge for all our guests. Just let us know in advance about your arrival and we shall book you a personal a slot. 


Lanzheronovskaya St. 13, Odessa. Ukraine, 65026

Tel.: +380482377777

Tel 2.: +380487505050

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