The Duma Square

The Duma Square and the Old Stock Exchange

350 meters

The Duma Square is located at the crossing of Pushkinskaya and Lanzheronovskaya streets, in the very heart of Odessa. 

Initially the square was intended to complement the building of the Stock Exchange, designed by the renowned architect Francesco Boffo. However, immediately upon completion in 1834 the building was granted to the city council – or the Duma. 

One of the distinctive features of the building, and the one most favoured by the odessites, is the large music clock playing the first bars of the official city hymn – the Song of Odessa. Right in front of the Duma there stands a monument to the renowned Russian poet Alexander Pushkin, built in 1888 by the funds of the common odessites to commemorate the 50-th death anniversary of the poet.


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