The museum of Archaeology and the statue of Laocoön

The museum of Archaeology and the statue of Laocoön

250 meters

The museum was founded in 1825 as a city museum of antiques. Today the Museum of Archaeology possesses the largest collection of exhibits on the history of ancient Northern Black Sea region, as well as a fare display of items from the ancient Egypt, the only such display in Ukraine.   

The statue of Laocoön that stands in front of the Museum of Archaeology is a copy of the eminent masterpiece “Laocoön and his sons” exhibited in the Vatican City. The Odessan statue is made of the Carrara marble and, unlike the set of authentic monument, its figures have got their hands in place. The statue was erected by the order of the Governor-General of Odessa Grigory Marazli, impressed by the original of the masterpiece during his European travels.


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