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2219 Reviews, 8 Websites 8.3 / 10

13. 10. 2019

Great hotel

"Great hotel, nice stuff, great location"
- Ravid from IL

26. 09. 2019

Location was great. Staff was very...

"Location was great. Staff was very helpful. Restaurant was awesome. Definitely staying there again"
- Alex Ayzman

24. 08. 2019

We enjoyed our stay! Everything was...

"We enjoyed our stay! Everything was perfect!"
- Liliana Colodeeva

23. 08. 2019


"Positive: There are places that you can understand in an instance: I will always love you! ☺ Everything was great! The hotel, the staff, the facilities, the..."
- Liliana from MD

17. 08. 2019

Exceptionally helpful staff. I really...

"Exceptionally helpful staff. I really enjoyed my stay and will stay here again."
- Donald Peters

12. 08. 2019

Незабываемый отдых! Прекрасный отель и...

"Незабываемый отдых! Прекрасный отель и ресторан. Находиться в центре города, напротив Оперного театра. Номера просторные и светлые. Были с дочкой на завтраке..."
- Марина Попова

02. 08. 2019

Good staying in Odessa

"Perfect place and friendly staff, convenient to get to any attraction in Odessa"
- Volodymyr from UA

13. 07. 2019

Everything perfect: the staff, the location, the food, the deal...

"Positive: Breakfast is really great; the staff was very helpful, explaining the different products. there was plenty of food, and good ambiance. we did enjoy..."
- Jacques from US

28. 06. 2019

Прекрасный отель с шикарным...

"Прекрасный отель с шикарным расположением возле Оперного Театра, Дерибасовской и всех достопримечательностей! В номере чистота, персонал приветливый,..."
- Владислава Знамеровская

26. 06. 2019

Достойний великого Композитора! Зручне...

"Достойний великого Композитора! Зручне розташування в самому серці міста-красеня! Затишні номери і чудове ненав'язливе обслуговування! Прекрасний ресторан з..."
- Олександр Бугерчук


Lanzheronovskaya St. 13, Odessa. Ukraine, 65026

Tel.: +380482377777

Tel 2.: +380487505050

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