Spa Programs

Following the modern rhythm of life, it is important to take a moment for yourself to balance body and soul. Take the opportunity to visit the Mozart Hotel SPA Center for physical and emotional renewal.

  • mineral
  • salt
  • coffee
  • fruit
  • anti-cellulite hot
  • Relax program that gives a feeling of peace and bliss. Scrub will gently cleanse the skin, massage oil softens, moisturizes and soothes it. Sauna and jacuzzi will relax the body and tone it.


  • sugar
  • honey
  • fruit
  • coffee
  • soapy
  • Relaxing treatment for the whole body, which includes peeling and relaxing massage. Deep relaxation for the body, a state of complete harmony, skin cleansing - this is the result of the Anti-stress program.
Unalloyed luxury
  • mineral cold
  • mineral hot
  • chocolate
  • honey
  • In order to keep moving forward and achieve our goals, we need a boost of energy. Scrub will gently cleanse the skin, a wrap and relaxing massage will make it supple and soft.
Complete reload
  • If you want to follow the rhythm of a modern city, then the Complete reload becomes a necessity. Deep skin cleansing after scrubbing, relaxing and at the same time tonic effect of the paraffin warp and the massage will completely reload your body and feel it with the energy

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